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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to brief Stratcom weeks in advance?

Communications projects require proper planning, especially those with large amplification opportunities. Stratcom is able to fulfill many projects in-house with proper advance notice. Many projects engage our staff for several weeks or months, which makes advance preparation a must, especially if your projects are major or fall during busy times of the year.

Why is Stratcom not providing the budget for my communications needs?

Stratcom operates with a set budget based on known projects and resources, and does not have the authority to increase its budget. Budget changes need to be processed through the regular channels.

Why is Stratcom not doing everything in-house?

The number of Stratcom’s current resources are simply not aligned with the overall needs of the institution. We try to address this by prioritizing projects and outsourcing some of them. Please feel free to escalate your concerns to the AVP for Strategic Communications or to the directors of the individual units.

How can I get a copy of the LAU logo?

Please get in touch with the primary contact for your department/school, who can facilitate the logo in a suitable format and advise you on usage guidelines.

Can I request a logo for my department/office/institute/event?

No. Under the current brand guidelines, we are emphasizing the university’s most recognized brand (LAU). Learn more.