Strategic Communications

Work with Us

What can we do for you?

The Strategic Communications Department provides the LAU community with communications planning, development and execution support. To fulfill its mission, the department facilitates the communications needs of our internal community, ensures consistent messaging and branding, and builds relationships with media and influencers.

Should our department be unable to plan and execute communications in-house, it will redirect the requester to approved suppliers. Outsourced projects may be carried out under the department’s supervision, as agreed with the end user.

Most often, Stratcom’s “primary points of contact” will centralize the work in our department and help in managing your project.

Work that is outside our scope

Projects outside our scope include:

  1. Academic projects with no high amplification potential: for example, the design of reports and production of graphs for research projects, and the design of academic journals.
  2. Copywriting for websites where we are not the content experts: Stratcom often assists with the design and structure of websites, but may not be able to provide content for specialized sites. Nevertheless, depending on workload and priorities, Stratcom can help with editing content developed by other entities.

Your starting point (Communications/PR)

Stratcom includes several specialized units. In most cases, you are best guided by contacting the Communications unit in charge of integration, planning and managing projects. This also enables Stratcom to have a holistic view of your communications needs and to assess the best approach/strategy.

Stratcom’s specialized units work collaboratively, but you can always access any unit directly if you have a specific technical or specialized request.

Plan ahead

Working with Stratcom requires a mutual understanding of each other’s practices and expectations. As with all other departments within the institution, Stratcom needs to prioritize its resources, and juggle various projects. We therefore recommend you contact us as soon as you can, to allow enough time for a planning/feasibility phase.

This phase, often the most overlooked, is critical to defining your requirements, developing the most suitable approach and reaching a resourcing plan.

Stratcom’s estimated timelines for projects are as follows:

Important note: In exceptional cases, Stratcom can accommodate rush jobs, if other priorities and resources allow. The Communications lead can advise on how best to proceed. In many cases, templates can be provided or post-event coverage conducted.