Strategic Communications

About Stratcom

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Strategic Communications department is to advance competitively LAU’s reputation and gain the support of key audiences by:

To fulfill our mission, the department facilitates the communications needs of our internal community, strengthens the consistency of our messaging and branding, builds goodwill with media and influencers, enhances our digital funnel synergies, and creates and implements strategic communications plans.

Priority Goals

Stratcom Priority Goals:

Priority #1 is supporting revenue-generation to aid in financial sustainability:
1.  Enrollment support
2.  Fundraising support

Priority #2 is supporting employability reputation-building and branding:
3.    Graduate employability and success
4.    Alumni success
5.    Industry collaborations and partnerships

Priority #3 is supporting LAU leadership reputation-building and branding:
6.    Ranking impact (research)
7.    Firsts (e.g. NAAB, academic news, advancement news)
8.    Current issues (e.g. COVID-19, online education)
9.    Social/community impact of LAU

Priority #4 is supporting digital funnels:
10.    Ensuring key funnels are optimized for enrollment (e.g., enhancing academic programs landing pages)
11.    Ensuring key funnels are optimized for fundraising

By stating all these goals, the department is well aware of the challenge in focusing its limited resources, hence the need for more transparency, and a clearer management of expectations.