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What to Expect

Successful communications planning and execution require a team-based, cross-functional approach with clear objectives, roles and responsibilities, complete information, and adequate timeline management.

The department aims to institutionalize as much as possible its project management and communications development processes:

The department seeks to prioritize projects by weighing impact and capacity. We namely look at reach potential (external vs internal; as well as the breadth or type of external audiences) and alignment with overall institutional priorities (reputation, enrollment, development).


Communications Planning & Execution

Stratcom usually follows the process chart below in assessing needs, developing recommendations, and executing solutions. This is implemented either by the main integrators in the Communications unit, or by the individual expert/specialized units.


Budgeting is a major challenge for all units. Stratcom’s budget is aimed at addressing its deliverables and commitments to leadership. The funding available for non-budgeted, unforeseen activities is truly minimal.

Stratcom endeavors to put its resources at the disposal of the community, while taking into consideration the key priorities.

Important note: Overall, marketing communications budgets are very hard to find. Hence, it is very important that all divisions and entities strive to identify budgets allocated for the production and dissemination of stories. In many cases, only small budgets are needed and demonstrate a strong return on investment.

During this COVID-19 and financial crises period, the most important investments are usually in the right message/content, and amplification (which often requires additional funds toward social and digital media).


As a rough guide, Stratcom provides these ballpark timelines for projects:

As we always note, this is dependent on the availability of Stratcom’s resources which may be tied up in other projects.

Please feel free to communicate directly with Stratcom’s team to agree on timelines.