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Statement Regarding Financial Aid

Further to the announcement by the university last week and following some of the reactions witnessed so far, the university reiterates:
  1. While some reactions were understandable, many did not fully understand the role our financial aid plays in helping to address the financial situations of the overwhelming majority of students at LAU.
  2. As a private, not-for-profit university, LAU has been assisting over 70% of its students through financial aid. We expect an even higher percentage of our students to benefit from financial aid going forward. Through its generous and effective financial aid program the university was able to maintain the same level of student enrollment for the past two years.
  3. The increase in the financial aid to a record of $100 million will largely offset much of the increase in fees. Students in need of more financial aid will receive more financial aid. In summary, we are doing all we can to retain all students.
  4. In addition to financial aid based on need, LAU is also enhancing its scholarship program. Already, the university has issued to-date 45% more merit scholarships compared to last year.
  5. The financial aid decisions for new students are starting to be released, and decisions for continuing students will begin shortly. Every day new decisions are published. These decisions are carefully studied to ensure fairness.
  6. Over and above the financial aid, the university has introduced educational loans with no interest during enrollment, low interest following enrollment, and long grace periods.
  7. Claiming that LAU’s actions threaten the educational sector is false and misleading. In fact, it is the opposite. LAU’s decisions have resulted in one of the highest levels of retention of its faculty and stemming the brain drain of its faculty. LAU is safeguarding the integrity of its degree, its education, and its ability to retain its faculty and staff.
  8. It was important for LAU to be transparent with its students and to communicate the decision as soon as possible.

Thank you,

LAU Administration