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At the Strategic Communications Office we produce official LAU websites, including the central site on www.lau.edu.lb. Our focus is on informational sites that promote the university’s programs, schools, centers, institutes and various other facets of university life.

Creating a website

For departments wishing to create official LAU websites, we offer a full range of services: planning, hosting, content strategy, writing, editing, visual design, programming, analytics, training. Major projects usually take several months to complete and are prioritized in consultation with the President’s Cabinet. Please see these answers to common questions for more information.

If you have any further questions or would like to start a project, get in touch with us.

About personal websites

LAU is exploring options for faculty, staff and students to have their own “profile” pages, but at present the university does not host this type of website. Personal websites that were created on LAU servers before 2009 are the responsibility of their owners. We may be able to provide support only when it comes to FTP access (contact us).

Updating content on an LAU website

Please address your request to the owner, or main contact person, of the website in question (find them on this list). If you are the owner, please submit your request to the web team by means of this website maintenance form.

Promoting an event on the LAU website

Your event may be mentioned in different parts of the LAU website as well as the social networks that extend our online presence. You can:

Placing course materials online

LAU provides a system called Blackboard that is specifically designed for this purpose. The Information Technology Department trains and helps faculty members wishing to use Blackboard. Kindly contact Mr. Imad Musleh on extension 1434.

Updating the Student Information System (Banner)

LAU provides a student information system, commonly referred to as “Banner”, where enrolled students can browse and register for courses, update their personal information and view their academic records. Faculty members can also use this application. The Information Technology Department manages Banner in collaboration with the registrar’s office. For further inquires, kindly contact Mr. Alexan Choulhadjian from the registrar’s office on extension 1315.

Creating web-based forms

If you are an LAU website owner and would like to add an interactive form to your website, please contact us.

If you would like to create an interactive form to support an administrative procedure (similar to the ones on the administrative forms page) please write to helpdesk@lau.edu.lb.

Making changes to the LAU student portal

LAU launched a student portal that connects students to all the services they might need during the course of their study. Services include library search tools, information about housing, athletics, clubs and much more. The portal also allows students to check for their finances and read about the latest happenings on campus from the events and announcements calendar. For further inquires, kindly contact Mr. Imad Musleh on extension 1434.

Comments, questions, suggestions

We always welcome comments, questions and feedback about the LAU website. Please write to us through this feedback form, or email webmaster@lau.edu.lb.

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