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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide on-demand photography for events?

We do not provide photography on demand, but if you are organizing an event, we can help you get in touch with photographers.

Can I get copies of photos you’ve published?

You’re welcome to visit our premises and browse the photos that we have collected and/or used for our various projects. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

Do you coordinate press coverage for LAU events?

Yes we do. Please email Ms. Nada Torbey, Director of Public Relations at nada.torbey@lau.edu.lb.

How can I have an article published under “News” on the LAU website?

If you have a story idea about an interesting event, initiative or achievement, please share it with us.

How do I ask for an official website for my school, department, institute or unit?

The answer, details and additional information can be found on the services - websites page.

How can I get copies of print publications?

Please contact us. Back issues or old publications may no longer be available. Recent issues of some of our print publications are found online.

Will I be charged for printing, design and copyediting?

Print, design and copyediting costs will depend on the scope of your project. Work carried out by full-time staff at Stratcom is not charged to your budget account; freelance contracts are.

Do all LAU marketing communications require Stratcom’s clearance?

If an LAU department develops materials that carry the university logo without Stratcom’s involvement, then Stratcom staff must review the work to ensure the logo, colors and typography are correct.

If your project fits this definition, please submit a printout of your piece to Stratcom as soon as the design is complete (contact information). Within two business days, the material will be either returned for adjustments or cleared. You can then contact the Purchasing Office to complete the printing.

How can I write to the editor of the LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin?

Please address your Magazine-related questions, comments or suggestions to marcom@lau.edu.lb.

How can I get a copy of the university’s logo?

You can download it in a low-resolution format to use directly on Word documents and similar applications. Please review the Visual Identity Style Guide (p. 19) before using the logo. The download page also provides instructions if you need a high-resolution copy.

Can I modify the logo in any way?

No. The logo should be used in its entirety as provided by Stratcom. Please refer to the Visual Identity Style Guide (p. 19) before using the logo.

Can I have a logo created for my unit?

Certain entities within the university have their own logos. Please contact us in this regard.

Can I use the LAU seal instead of the logo?

The seal is for use exclusively on official documents such as diplomas and trustee resolutions. Reproduction of the official seal is not permitted in any form unless specifically authorized by the President’s Office. The seal and the logo are not interchangeable. The logo is the university’s academic mark, while the seal is reserved for official business. See the Visual Identity Style Guide (p. 11) for more information.

Where can I find the visual identity and editorial style guides?

The official LAU visual identity and editorial style guides are found on this website. In addition, Stratcom staff is always available to assist you in reviewing the guidelines.

How can my office produce promotional items or giveaways imprinted with the LAU logo?

The first step would be to check for the availabilty of the desired promotional items or giveaways with the LAU Memorabilia store. If the store has those items in stock, it will order them for your office. Otherwise, you can browse for them outside of LAU and place your order through the purchasing department. As a second step, your office should provide Stratcom with a design to be printed on the items, taking into conisderation the Visual Identity Style Guide. Stratcom can help you get in touch with a designer if you do not know where to start. Either way, the design needs to be shared with Stratcom for approval before initiating the printing process.


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