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LAU branding strategy

Recognizing a need to establish an enhanced and clearly defined visual identity for the university, we engaged a steering committee, internal stakeholders, external community members and branding agency Mind The Gap in a year-long process that culminated with the Board of Trustees’ approval in September 2009 of a new visual identity for our institution.

At the center of the visual program is a modernized version of the emblem that has represented LAU, in various shapes, since the 1930s.

The elegantly restyled ship on a voyage symbolizes the quest for knowledge and realization of potential that take place at LAU day to day.

Beyond visual identity

The overall initiative involves much more than visual style. Conveying the university’s values and telling our story in the most compelling way possible, LAU’s branding initiative is set to drive university communications in the years to come, to effectively demonstrate LAU’s progress in various areas — academic programs, faculty development, research, and civic engagement.

As the institution’s people are key representatives of brand identity, we intend to initiate an ambassadorship program through which faculty, staff and students will be well-informed channels of positive attributes and developments, contributing to favorable public opinion and support for LAU.

Our ultimate objective is to make LAU stand out in an increasingly competitive higher education environment by highlighting the institution’s distinguishing characteristics and areas of excellence.

We hope you will be as engaged as we are in this initiative. We invite you to peruse the Visual Identity Style Guide (PDF), especially if you are in charge of any materials that carry LAU’s logo and other visual elements.

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